Message From Principal

As a Principal   I wish to extend a warm welcome to our preschool families. We are proud to offer great learning experiences and opportunities to our students.  We are committed to providing a quality education and the overall development of children Supportive and caring environment underpin our values and commitment to quality education with a strong emphasis on literacy and numeracy, quests of discovery significant and present context. We also proud to introduce classes embowered technology and materials, audio visual class room, field trip, festival celebration, theme based teaching, wide and spacious play ground with its own swimming pool help students in physical growth and socialization process among the friend’s circle.

We have created a learning environment that fosters  academic excellence, build the foundation of an independent thinking, problem solving, self esteem, creative quotient , emotional quotient, , building energy , a winning attitude and over and above a humble citizen.

We look forward to guiding and sharing your child’s learning experience and hearty appreciate your active participation for the betterment of our school along with your child’s future.

Sita Aryal